Silent Fighter

“This is a debate about our understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted” – Henry Hyde

As I have participated in the trainings required of anyone volunteering in a pregnancy center, I have quickly come to realize that while I am a Christian and believe in fighting for justice, there are quite a few injustices that I have refrained from facing. The pain and disgust and reality of it all is simply overwhelming and, honestly, I don’t want to deal with the emotions attached to it all. I much rather prefer to set it aside in the “Stuff I believe is wrong but not ready to process emotionally” compartment to deal with later when I am ready.

God has a very strategic approach of helping us to deal with this compartment , and graciously, He allows us to think the timing was our idea.

All injustices to the human race are simple really and shouldn’t be shocking. Sin entered the world and therefore we see poverty, immorality, addiction, and of course abortion. We can’t be moved by only one and not another. It’s all injustice, and to be fully transformed into the image of God means taking on His desire for justice. However, this is a very monumental task and absolutely easier said than done.

Over the past few months, while some would see doing this training over the course of months instead of days as torturous, I actually see it as a blessing. While it was God’s idea all along, He knew that I needed months to deal with the emotional and spiritual connection to what is really happening in the hearts of these women. I’ve been able to internalize the reality of this injustice, and now I will be able to empathize with each lady that walks through our doors. I will be able to speak truth in pure love.

Each unborn child is a silent fighter, fighting to have it’s first breath, first hug, first birthday, first glimpse of the love of the Father, and we need to be UN-silent fighters earthside.